Vintage Travels: Boston, MA

I recently took a trip to Boston and completed the Freedom Trail. I went to Boston when I was younger, however, I literally remember nothing so I took advantage of spring break and went for the weekend.

Money Making Ideas From 1933

I came across this book in my collection as I was moving, “1,000 Spare Time Money Making Ideas”. This book caught my attention mainly because who doesn’t love making an extra dollar?

1950s Clear Bags Were A MUST

So many handbag trends go in and out over time, it us about time clear bags from the 50s make their comeback.

The 1950s & 60s Trend We Don’t Appreciate

In a time where we see fashion repeat itself and take heavy influence from the past, we see one trend that seems to be slowly dying. But what could it be? We see high waisted shorts and well tailored dresses being brought back. However, we are overlooking one influential tradition that helped shaped fashion during…

Vintage Influencer: Claire McCardell

Claire McCardell is the pioneer who revolutionized American ready-to-wear clothing and became the definition of the classic American look. Her designs were casual and developed around women’s comfort and lifestyle. McCardell’s career peaked in the forties and fully embodies the definition of American Fashion.

How To Care For Vintage Clothing

I recently had a woman buy a pair of jeans from me and three weeks later is returning them because of one wash. I was stuck between a rock and a hard space because on one hand, I also washed these jeans and nothing happened but on the other hand, I want to do what…

Another Awesome Haul

Another great flea market haul in the books! There is almost this competitive feel to the pop-up weekend flea markets that makes it fun. This time there was no rain and no mud! So that’s always a plus. Let’s get right to it. Here are the newest additions:

Vintage Influencers: Paul Poiret

Believe it or not, there was a world before Chanel and a designer who wanted to rid corsets twenty years before her. Paul Poiret was a man of innovation in a time where people still dressed very conservatively. 

Vintage Travels: USS Yorktown

Charleston is rich in history and not only from the Civil War. On Mount Pleasant, there is a US aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown that was active during World War II. 

Vintage Influencers: Charles Frederick Worth

A true couturier creates an entire piece by hand — no machines. It’s hard to find true couture today but back in the 1800s, it was a lot more common. However, fashion designers were not labeling their creations and therefore, a lot of victorian era clothing has no labels. The first known couturier and the…